Party Hall

Birthday celebrations are all about fun. More the fun, the better it is. Hold your birthday party at Toyzdayout and be assured of a fun time for all and no hard work for you! isn’t it Great!

Play Area

Toyzdayout has exclusive playful amenities such as tree house, pirate ship, cars, bike, ball pit, slides and readymade play sets like hospital, police station, supermarket, kitchen for children to enjoy role play and unleash their hidden dreams.

Toys Rental

We give you the option to rent our toys, games to your home and allow your kid to enjoy a memorable time with their friends. You can rent it out for birthday parties or for any celebrations at home.

Outdoor Party

Toyzdayout can also be engaged for outdoor birthday parties. Planning a birthday party at your home or in a grand hotel, Toyzdayout team can come and do all the required services to ensure you enjoy hassle-free birthday party.

Fun Time for All

Theme Party

Choose your preferred Theme party from our wide range of popular birthday themes….


We ensure our toys are completely cleaned and sanitized to avoid any risk of infection or allergic reaction to kids playing with it.

Safety Commitment

Creating a safe and healthy environment is something that we strive for and are committed to provide to our customers and their guests….

Play Area

During your party visit you will be able to use all of our facilities, indoor play activities…

Just Enjoy

We provide everything, including the cake, party food, party invitations and party gifts if you like. Just show up and enjoy!

Sing & Dance

Children’s birthday parties are all about singing and dancing – and that’s what we do best! One hour of music, dancing and games and fun…


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