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Welcome To Toy'z Day Out

Toy'z Day Out is the first Kids Educational and Entertainment Library in Chennai setup in 2009, with a mission to provide a wholesome development for your kid throughout his/her developmental journey at affordable price with the help of variety of toys , books, cds, puzzles, video games and outdoor/indoor plays to choose from.

With the increasing prices of children's toys, books etc,.. it becomes difficult to provide all the necessity items to your kids. Without compromising on quality and variety the easiest way would be to rent the items. In this way the amount spent on these items can be reduced and also the clutter of toys, books etc,.. that are no longer of interest to the kids can be avoided.

Toy'z Day Out is a one stop-shop for all your Kids rental needs. Catering to kids aged from 3 months to 8 years it has variety of items for the different age groups. Its rental program is designed to encourage quality family playtime and provide new set of toys, books, cds at an affordable price. It saves money, space and time. All the items are of high quality, innovative and hygienic. All Toy'z Day Out toys are sanitized using a 100% all natural cleaner that is proven to kill 99.9% of all germs. Our sanitization process has three tiers in which the toys are cleaned, disinfected and then wrapped to prevent any outside elements from affecting the toys until they are in your hands.

There are so many benefits to renting! Become a part of the newest trend for providing your children with different variety of items that help in their early development.

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