Kids Play Area

Toyzdayout has a perfect play area for kids in Chennai. Children and playfulness are inseparable. Kids from families across all walks of life want to play and enjoy. They love to play. But due to non-availability of free playing space, children turn to video games or other computer or mobile games.

Video games or computer games can affect a child in the early years badly. Experts say that games could affect the child’s cognitive ability and can alter behavior pattern. Whereas, playing, jumping and running are highly recommended for healthy physical and mental development.

Toyzdayout has an exclusive play area in Chennai, to facilitate kids to play their heart out. They can play it alone or in groups. The place is ideal for schools to bring in their group of students or for parents to send in group of children living in their apartments or known to them otherwise.

There is no limit to the kind of fun that kids can enjoy at Toyzdayout. The play area is absolutely safe and there is no way kids can injure themselves. Every game is manned and guided by a Toyzdayout staff to ensure kids are taken care of. The place is spic and span. Extreme care is taken to ensure the place is hygienic and clean. You need not worry about children picking up any infection at Toyzdayout.

Toyzdayout has exclusive playful amenities in our play area.

Tree house  |   Pirate ship  |   Cars  |   Ball pit  |   Slides

Readymade role play sets for children to enjoy and unleash their hidden dreams

Hospital  |  Police station  |  Supermarket  |  Kitchen